Be uncomfortable with comfort

“Nobody ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions, and more growth than everything else combined.” – T Harv Ecker

Being stagnant is one of the debilitating things on earth – well, at least from my viewpoint and school of thought. I’m sure that most of you have come across the statement of “being pushed out of your comfort”. My analysis of this is that there is always room to improve yourself, increase your knowledge, learn new skills or do something new and as a result grow as an individual. The world has so much to offer and I honestly think that a place of comfort stops you from reaching these things offered by the universe and progressing towards greatness.

In my article titled “Focus on YOU”, I mentioned how I have never set boundaries in the things I wanted to achieve and how I always expect so much from myself. I actually think that this is the one thing that my late mother feared for me the most: that I dream too big. She thought that I would get disappointed and break down if I didn’t achieve the things I aspire for and I think in her mind my dreams were “way out of reach for me”. I didn’t and still don’t see it like that. I always know that there is much more I can do and contribute than what I’m currently doing.
Challenging yourself to not be “too comfortable” is applicable to all areas of your life – work/career, relationships, finances, fitness or spiritual. Start being uncomfortable with debt, make an effort to change your work situation if you are not happy, and bring something different in your relationship for example. Remember that the magic happens outside of your comfort zone, so you literally need to step out of your comfort to not only operate and function at the higher level, but also to reap the rewards that comes with it.
Being too comfortable is a danger zone and literally steals your success. I have seen some people who become too scared to take even the slightest risks – it’s almost like someone always has to try it first before they do it, then 100 more people. I find this really sad. I challenge you today, to take a leap of faith, trust the process and go try something you have never done before. It doesn’t have to be anything big; it could be something as simple as trying out a dish, trust me, nothing is going to happen to you. Instead, you will feel more liberated and you will even beat yourself up for not doing it sooner.

How long have you been in your current role (doing the same job)? What have you done are doing to diversify and expand your skills and knowledge? Are you scared or intimidated by new and unfamiliar things? Are you feeling stuck in an unhappy, toxic and unworthy relationship but you are too comfortable with what you know? Are you too comfortable eating the wrong food? Being a couch potato? Feeding off other people and not going out there and try out things yourself? If fear is what is stopping you from new experiences, please refer to my article titled “Dealing with Fear”. The truth is complacency will only delay you from booming and becoming the flourishing flower you were meant to be. Your greatness is waiting to be unleashed and experienced by the world. By being too comfortable you are denying the world the gift that was planted in you that needs to be shared with the world. Most successful people who have also achieved their goals, had to go through situations where they had to be bold and brave, risk themselves and get out of their comfort zone.
From where I’m sitting, discomfort brings change, change brings newness, newness brings creativity, creativity brings success, and success brings growth and happiness. So then ask yourself, why are you still comfortable being comfortable?

Thato’s nuggets on stretching yourself out of comfort:
– Always ask yourself what you can do more of
– Each year, pick up a new hobby
– Be open-minded and don’t be too stuck up in your ways
– Travel to a new place every year, create new experiences and learn about other cultures etc.
– Read, read and read more – daily.


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I'm passionate about people development and helping them unlock their potential. I love interacting with people from all walks of life, I love sharing stories and learning from others. Through these stories we create meaning in life and become better versions of ourselves!

10 thoughts on “Be uncomfortable with comfort

  1. Beautiful! I love this. It definitely speaks to me. I am currently going through the discomfort and was beginning to think it’s a negative thing so this has definitely and lightened and motivated me. Thanks Thato.


  2. This is too powerful, I love this peace it speaks to me directly. I’m soo looking forward to more of this it’s really a life changing tool…


  3. I am always humbled by your articles. They are so inspiring. I always enjoy your reading “Ignite with Thato” on the Informer Newspaper. Am looking forward to your next article


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